Health Program

Our Vision

Our Vision

To provide free access to basic health services to all.
Our Mission

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide high quality basic primary health care by raising awareness and by providing state-of-the-art primary care facilities to those who cannot afford it.

Pandemic Relief Appeal

In 2021, as a direct response to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, The Rural Health Awareness Program has been developed. The focus of this program was to help protect village people from COVID-19 and other hygiene-related health risks. Under the COVID-19 crisis there was a need for a health awareness drive which included a virtual awareness campaign, and virtual training for registration for vaccination. This program also involved managing transportation of women and villagers to vaccination centres in small groups, and providing hygiene kits to maintain basic hygiene. In addition, the program distributed health kits, which include an oxymeter, a thermal gun, and first aid kits, to villages to help maintain precautions during the pandemic.

Thank you to all those that donated through Life Global Australia, you have helped implement a COVID-19 awareness and relief program for several villages and remote communities. There was much gratitude from the villagers when we met them in January 2023.  


Thalassemia is a heritable blood disorder in which there is faulty synthesis of haemoglobin. A child who inherits this from both parents (Thalassemia Major) cannot form haemoglobin in the blood and is susceptible to difficulties including bone deformities, delayed or stunted physical growth, lowered immunity and general weakness. 

There is no cure. 

The children can be treated with regular blood transfusions from birth, and tragically, few live past their teens. 

The Project ‘Life’ Blood Centre identified that the region in which it was based has a high prevalence of Thalassemia and established the Life Thalassaemia Prevention Centre in 1993. Its purpose is to raise awareness, test for Thalassemia gene carriers and offer counselling to to lower the risk of children being born with Thalassemia Major. We have an ambitious goal to eradicate Thalassemia from the region and throughout India.  

Our Story

In 1981 our Partner Charity, Project ‘Life’, founded the Life Blood Centre, the first blood bank in the Saurastra region of Gujarat, India. The aim was to provide safe blood and blood components to those in need. From inception Project ‘Life’ remains passionately committed to providing a world-class scientifically validated process. The Life Blood Centre has been recognised for its high international standards winning numerous awards.

Each year more than 12,000 voluntary donations of blood are collected at the centre or using the mobile blood collection units and processed in the state-of-the-art facilities. The Life Blood Centre has contributed to saving over 30,000 lives each year and since its establishment over 300,000 people have benefitted from blood from the centre.

The activities include voluntary blood collection, testing, separation into components, storage and distribution. The latest activity is the COVID-19 Village Upliftment Program which is in direct response to the current pandemic and the difficulties facing the poorest and remotest villages in India (see below).

Life Global Australia’s contribution will help Project ‘Life’ in achieving the ambitious target of always being able to provide blood to anyone that needs it and also to eradicate Thalassemia in the region. We will work towards raising funds to reach 100 villages for Village Upliftment Program.

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