Our Vision

Our Vision

To encourage young children to remain in education by providing a good environment to study which gives them a chance to explore and prosper.
Our Mission

Our Mission

To support and enhance primary education by transforming old school buildings into new state-of-the-art primary schools, providing educational aid, scholarships and equipment for the development of students and the community.

Five Divisions Providing Holistic Development

  1. Primary School Infrastructure Development Program
  2. Teacher Training Program
  3. Kit-based Science Education: Science on Wheels
  4. Scholarships and support for high-potential students
  5. Primary Health Center Infrastructure Development Program

Our Story

In 2000 our Partner Charity, Project ‘Life’, founded the Life Education Centre which has benefitted over 32,000 students so far. It serves children in interior rural Gujarat to enable them to access primary education in a healthy and hygienic environment.

The activities include Infrastructure Development with state-of-the-art earthquake resistant school buildings for the government run primary schools. It promotes holistic development of children and motivates students for higher studies through different projects including scholarships and grants to underprivileged children, organising Talent Hunt programmes, Yoga, providing Hygiene and Education kits to students and also strengthening their teaching through Teacher Training programmes.

Life Global Australia’s contribution will help Project ‘Life’ in achieving the ambitious target of developing the infrastructure of 121 schools. To date the organisation has built an average of one school every two months.

Our efforts are directed towards and aligned with national and international policies on education where the goal is to build an entire ecosystem focused on bringing the best of quality education having reahed the target of 108 in 2023.

The resolve of the Saurashtra Medical & Educational Charitable Trust (known as Project ‘Life’), founded in 1978, was to meaningfully contribute in the field of education. To that purpose, the Center for Excellence in Education (Life Education Centre) was initiated in the year 2000. The objective was to reach out to more students with better education. Coupled with this is the goal to take down the drop-out ratio.

We are glad to report that the drop-out ratio (excluding migration etc.) in our schools is close to zero. This means virtually every student who enrols at our school finishes his/her school-education.

Make a Difference Today

Build schools in needed remote and regional areas



Infrastructure Development of 1 Furnished School – You name the school! 


Infrastructure Development of 1 Classroom – Your name plaque at the entrance


Furniture/Fixtures for 1 Classroom


Holistic Development Equipment for 1 School


Smart Classroom Setup (4 Classrooms)


Enhance and enrich the student experience and learning



Computers (10 units)   


Safe Drinking Water – Reverse Osmosis Plant System              


Public Address System


CCTV Camera


Musical Instrument Kit


Sports Kit for Indoor/Outdoor Games (with First-Aid Kit)