Women’s Empowerment Program

Our Vision

Our Vision

To empower women living below the poverty line by providing them with the opportunity to become financially self-reliant.
Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide holistic vocational training to women, giving them skills which enable them to start a business or gain employment.

Vocational Training

The underprivileged women that Project ‘Life’ reaches out to are significantly constrained by a variety of social norms and limitations. Due to this, Project ‘Life’ has introduced a range of skill development and personal advancement programmes for below-the-poverty-line women and widows aged 18-45. They are educated and given the opportunity to start their own enterprises in various trades such as sewing, embroidery, catering, beautician and computer operations.

Additional Training

Based on the recommendations made by the Women’s Empowerment Committee of the Share & Care Foundation, the following additional training is provided:

  • Training for Self Defense: Women receive basic self defense training for their personal safety.
  • Gender Equality Training: This training educates women about their rights and instils confidence in them. It also helps to raise public awareness regarding gender equality.
  • Banking, Budgeting, and Finance : With this training, women learn to independently operate bank accounts, balance their finances, and prepare family budgets.​

Our Story

Poverty, Discrimination and Gender Inequality are part of daily life for many women. Women’s empowerment is not merely about helping women, it is about building a more robust, stable and powerful society, a cause espoused globally.

Our partner charity, Project ‘Life’, started the Life Women’s Empowerment Centre (LWEC) in May 2008 with the simple goal of improving the lives of women from impoverished families. The objective was to help these women become economically self-reliant, promoting gender equality. To date the LWEC has trained nearly 10,000 women.

Life Global Australia’s contribution will help Project ‘Life’ in achieving their goals of training and empowering more than 20,000 women in the near future and ultimately touching the lives of 100,000 women in years to come.

Transform the lives of women living below the poverty line



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